We are not the classical franchiser, but rather a group that enthusiastically considers every brand -name entrusted to us, with special reference to an up-dated, different quality in the service we establish together every day

Who we are

Our firm is a reality based on the numbers proving it : 2 main headquarters : one legal and administrative at Fano, and the other working one at Castel San Pietro. More than 20 are the years of life of the Holding, 30 is the average age of the employees, over 130 are the numbers of retail stores on the national territory, more than 670 is the number of employees, of which 16 are area managers, one for each brand, and 5,000 square meters are the working surface area of the Gallery Holding S.p.A. general headquarters.

1996 was the year when Gallery Holding first took root and began working after the two founding partners, strengthened by their experience and research carried out abroad, decided to open their first Timberland retail store in a mall, at a time when , in Italy, nobody could yet have imaged that these malls would have multiplied incredibly.


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