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We support our choices


Gallery Holding S.p.A. supports the international brands represented and distributed with important communication initiatives, such as the events held during the openings of the Brooks Brothers, Levi’s, Napapijri and Timberland stores.

Brooks Brothers

“Fashion Dresses Music and Cinema, Creating New Fashions”
This is the title of the conference held on the occasion of the inauguration of the second Brooks Brothers Flatiron Shop in Bologna. A series of case histories in which Fashion Dressed Music and Cinema, Creating New Fashions (the Beatles and Mary Quant, the Punk and Vivienne Westwood, Brooks Brothers and the Jazz Age).

The event was sponsored by the Municipality of Bologna and the University of Bologna, in collaboration with The Friends of Johns Hopkins University. In closing, there was a concert entitled “Brooks Notes”, in one of the most evocative squares of the city. It narrated in music, the philological path of the history of this American brand.


Timberland Award, “Nature Needs Heroes”, was the title of the event created in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, to celebrate the reopening of the Timberland Store in Bologna. It was focused on past emerging artistic expressions (the frescos of the store), and those of the present (the works of young artists from the Academy). Three scholarships were given to the first three classified.

The students who participated in the competition were motivated by the theme of a re-reading of an icon in a sustainable key. Their 77 works reinterpreted the classic “Yellow Boot” in different visual languages, and were put on display in a show at the Academy’s Exhibition Space open to the public.


“Arctic Remix” is the title of the compilation created by the Laplandish DJ Oula Antilabba, from the village of Napapijri, a few hundred kilometers from the North Pole. He came to Bologna to play his music which is a fusion of sounds linked to the world of nature, as well as to the culture of the Sami people.

My Levi’s Remix

How can we inform the city about the creative tailoring service inside the Levi’s Store in Bologna?

With the event created for the occasion in collaboration with Levi’s Italia, where the clothes destined to be thrown away were given to the students of the fashion course of the Academy of Fine Arts. What seems to be finished can actually be re-borned through creativity. These were the words given to the young artists in addition to a series of notions concerning the history of the brand. Thus, the students were able to create 30 new outfits sawing, cutting and putting together new clothes.

The events were created and organized by the studio of communication Veronesi Namioka that has been collaborating with Gallery Holding S.p.A. (former Califin S.p.A.) since 1996.